Julie Heffernan



Self Portrait With Tree, 2015 / oil on canvas / 68 x 60 inches

Self Portrait Fixing My Foot, 2015 / oil on canvas / 67 x 70 inches

Self Portrait With Wayward Tent, 2015 / oil on canvas / 54 x 50 inches

Self Portrait in a Coral Bed, 2011 / oil on canvas / 88 x 45 inches
Collection of Virginia Museum of Fine Art, Richmond (VA)

Self Portrait as One Seeking Refuge, 2010 / oil on canvas / 72 x 67 inches
Damien Hirst's Murderme Collection, London (UK)

Self Portrait as Tree House, 2010 / oil on canvas / 65 x 68 inches
Damien Hirst's Murderme Collection, London (UK)

Self Portrait as Great Heap, 2009 / oil on canvas / 68 x 56 inches
Olbricht Collection, Berlin (Germany)

Self Portrait as Big World, 2008 / oil on canvas / 65 x 68 inches
Olbricht Collection, Berlin (Germany)

Study for Self Portrait as Intruder, 2006 / oil on canvas / 17.25 x 18.25 inches
New Britain Museum of Art, New Britain (CT)

Self Portrait as Dirty Princess, 2004 / oil on canvas / 75 x 68 inches
Ackland Art Museum, Chapel Hill (NC)

Self Portrait as Wunder Kabinet, 2003 / oil on canvas / 82 x 58 inches
Mint Museum, Charlotte (NC)

Self Portrait as Everything That Rises, 2003 / oil on canvas / 78 x 82 inches
New Britain Museum of Art, New Britain (CT)

Self Portrait as Infantas in Purgatorium II, 1999 / oil on canvas / 68.5 x 52 inches
Twigg-Smith Collection

Self Portrait as Unwelcome Guest, 1997 / oil on canvas / 38 x 60 inches
Museum at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia (PA)

Accumulated Self Portrait, 1996 / oil on gessoed paper / 19 x 25 inches
Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro (NC)


Akin to Magical Realism, Julie Heffernan's lush self-portraiture utilizes a myriad of art historical references to present a sensual interior narrative, a self-allegory whose half- hidden political agenda is the literal background of the paintings. The dark, Grimm fairy tale-like undercurrent transforms her aristocratic, operatic portraits into a contemporary vanitas or memento mori, acting as both a stylized fantasy and a Bosch-like warning. Heffernan (b. 1956, Illinois) received her MFA from Yale School of Art (CT), and has been exhibiting widely for the past two decades. Selected exhibitions include those at The Korean Biennial (Korea), Weatherspoon Art Gallery (NC), Tampa Museum Of Art (FL), Knoxville Museum Of Art (TN), Columbia Museum Of Art (SC), Milwaukee Art Museum (WI), The New Museum (NY), The Norton Museum (FL), The American Academy Of Arts And Letters (NY), Kohler Arts Center (WI), The Palmer Museum Of Art (PA), National Academy Of Art (NY), Mcnay Art Museum (TX), Herter Art Gallery (MA), Mint Museum (NC) and Virginia Museum of Fine Art (VA), Oklahoma City Museum of Art (OK) among numerous others. Her work has also been acquired by many of the institutions listed above. The artist is also a Professor of Fine Arts at Montclair State University. For a full biography and curriculum vitae, please click the PDF download link below.